Whisper networks are striking decisive blows in a seemingly endless march

As the countdown clock resets, we hear stories of yet another personality getting called out for “years” of misconduct, and as the bell tolls, another hangs their head in shame as the internet’s “whisper network” claims yet another.


Impressions from hosting Vic Mignogna at our convention

Left to right: (From the Facebook Live show Drinkin’ & Yakkin’) Shannon and Del, with voice actor Vic Mignogna

After hearing many different stories from many different fans, and coordinators who have had the chance to host the Fullmetal Alchemist voice actor, Vic Mignogna, it was exciting to finally meet the man behind the stories.

After speaking with Vic for nearly…

How the reckoning of a man’s career ultimately triggered his renaissance

OPINION — Taking a moment to look back over the past year, and what a year it’s been, for anime fans and specifically fans of Vic Mignogna.

After having arguably the largest anime cinematic release in North America last…

Judgement announced in Vic Mignogna v. Funimation suit; appeals loom

Two weeks was all it took to dismantle an entire career. Ten months and a lawsuit later — like a senzu bean to a saiyan, Vic Mignona’s story is looking far from over.

The final step before appeals can begin…

How peeking behind the curtain of the anime voice acting community forever changed a generation

It has been a tumultuous year for anime fans.

A seemingly bright end to 2018 with the release of one of the most highly anticipated major box-office releases in Dragonball Super: Broly, saw what should…

The countdown to appeals is on, so what is on the table?

The next chapter in the Vic Mignogna v. Funimation LLC et al case is about to begin, with the confirmation that the Plaintiff, Vic Mignogna, will indeed pursue an appeal on every single one of the 17 dismissed…

Why group-think is a dangerous artificial, alternate reality

Imagine you wake up in your perfectly made bed, in your perfectly-set house, in your perfectly manicured neighborhood block. Nothing is out of place, and everything goes on exactly as you think it would.

Welcome to Tranquility Lane.

This is an oft-used…

Cressidia Andrew Holmes

I am a gender-fluid artist, just floating through space on this rock called Earth. I stream, have opinions about things and am a generally chill person

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